We are FWD Stance

FWD Stance is a production partnership between Erick Kwiecien and Nelson Murray. This page contains a collection of of video and photography projects from both of us. For the past five years, we've been working in-house at Square in San Francisco - writing, producing, and directing virtually all of Square's marketing videos for television, its website, and social media.

Erick Kwiecien, Writer and Producer
Erick is a commercial writer and producer living in the San Francisco Bay area. He got his start in film by interning for a producer in Los Angeles, and has worked in various roles in film, television, and commercial production. This is his first original narrative film.

Nelson Murray, Director and Producer
Nelson is a commercial director and producer living in San Francisco, CA. He, too, got his start as an intern at a TV network in Los Angeles. He’s since worked in independent film and music video production, commercial and street photography, and as camera and voice talent.

 Broadcast TV spot, Square Inc. - ERick - PRODUCER

Prior to Square's 2016 TV campaign, The company had always let its customers (primarily small business owners) speak on its behalf. This past year, Square flipped the script, and told its story in its own words. Here is one spot from the campaign (1 of 8), which drives home the message that Square is easy to use. Bright colors and practical visual gags are employed to make the spots engaging and relatable.

Recruiting Video, Square Inc. - Nelson - Director

It had been a few years since Square had released any hi-fi recruiting material, so the opportunity to lead the creation of new videos was an honor. We interviewed dozens of employees, selected a few to put on camera, and were tasked with capturing the beauty of our workspace along with a narrative to inspire new grads and seasoned professionals alike to join Square. This is one of three final edits that is currently in use.

Web Documentary, Bang Salon - Nelson - Director

In partnership with Square’s in-house photo team, I produced and directed a series of case study videos that feature various independent businesses from around the country. We shot in San Francisco, Nashville, Champaign/Urbana, and ended the run in Seattle at Bang hair salon. Casey, owner of the multi-location salon & barbershop, embodies all of the attributes of an entrepreneur: she’s tack sharp, is deeply committed to her staff and community, and knows not to take herself too seriously.

Web Documentary, La Colombe Cafe - Erick - Producer

La Colombe, a fast-growing east coast coffee chain, needed to rip out its old point-of-sale system and replace it overnight. We documented that process, and spent time with its executives, managers, and baristas - getting to know their challenges and expectations for the future of their business. 

Music video for Calhoun’s “EZ Glyder” - Nelson - Producer/Cinematographer

In the summer of 2016, a close friend of mine who’s a commercial editor asked if I’d help him produce and shoot a music video for a local band. We gathered some gear, recruited another friend to star in the video, and hit the streets of San Francisco. The entire project was shot, edited, and finished within two weeks.

Below is a selection of Nelson's lifestyle and portrait photography.