Here you'll find some of my most recent video projects — work directed, or produced by me.

FALL 2017, "LAkota in america" - PRODUCER

Genevieve Iron Lightning is a young Lakota dancer on the Cheyenne River Reservation, one of the poorest communities in the US. Unemployment, addiction, alcoholism, and suicide are all challenges for Lakota on the reservation. Today, the Cheyenne River Youth Project is working with young people like Genevieve to create a stronger economic and cultural future—and they’re using their Lakota heritage to get there.

"Lakota in America" is the third film in Square's For Every Kind of Dream series.

Summer 2017, "Made in Iowa" - PRODUCER

In 2011, Webster City, Iowa, experienced a massive economic shift after the town’s large appliance manufacturing plant shut down. This left many jobless and impacted local business, including the closing of the town's beloved, historic movie theater. But the community refused to let their town die—and “Made in Iowa” tells the story of how small business helped Webster City save itself.

"Made in Iowa" is the second film in Square's For Every Kind of Dream series.

Winter 2017, Reynold's Towing PROFILE - DIRECTOR

This is the latest in a series of profiles on growing business in the United States. Reynold's Towing has been around since 1980, and has grown to serve large swaths of America's heartland with relocation services, and emergency support for local police and fire departments. 



It's rare that generating smiles is the only goal of a marketing project. For the 2016 holiday season, I lead the creation of a few fun stop-motion videos for Square’s social media channels. For my first foray into stop motion, I partnered with a local animator and production designer to bring these short videos to life. 

Summer 2016, Square Recruiting videos - Director

It had been a few years since Square had released any hi-fi recruiting material, so the opportunity to lead the creation of new videos was an honor. We interviewed dozens of employees, selected a few to put on camera, and were tasked with capturing the beauty of our workspace along with a narrative to inspire new grads and seasoned professionals alike to join Square. This is one of three final edits that is currently in use.

Summer 2016, Music video for Calhoun’s “EZ Glyder” - Producer & Cinematographer

At the beginning of summer, a close friend of mine who’s a commercial editor asked if I’d help him produce and shoot a music video for a local band. We gathered some gear, recruited another friend to star in the video, and hit the streets of San Francisco. The entire project was shot, edited, and finished within two weeks.


In partnership with Square’s in-house photo team, I produced and directed a series of case study videos that feature various independent businesses from around the country. We shot in San Francisco, Nashville, Champaign/Urbana, and ended the run in Seattle at Bang hair salon. Casey, owner of the multi-location salon & barbershop, embodies all of the attributes of an entrepreneur: she’s tack sharp, is deeply committed to her staff and community, and knows not to take herself too seriously.

SPRING 2016, Jack's BBQ Profile - Director

This short web documentary profiles Jack's BBQ, a 40-year-old family restaurant in Nashville, TN. It is the first in the series of case study videos/photo shoots from 2016 that feature various independent businesses from around the country. The piece focuses on Jack's switching to Square from their old point of sale service.